YNK - High On Endorphin, Low On Gasoline High On Endorphin, Low On Gasoline
YNK's 2nd EP for Polytone is much more than a continuation of his earlier records on Polytone and Tenderpark. Instead, the young artist wants... Polytone
DE 12" Vinyl House
FJ006 Foot Traxx Ep
Phonk D
Phonk D presents his second Solo EP on “Footjob” and it’s a “Goodjob” once again. Four sample-based tracks are cutting up Disco and Funk and bring it... Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl Disco, House
FJ011 This Is Why Ep
Lukas Lehmann
Very nice jazzy and funky disco deep house banger. Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl House
FJ005 Airotic, Dj Duke Remix
Phonk D, Sascha Ciminiera and T-Rax joined forces again: They’ve created some 80’s flavoured tracks down the line and put them in the mix. The... Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl House, Disco
FJ002 Footjob 002
Sascha Ciminiera, Ise Jr. & Phonk D
The german record label footjob presents their 2nd release. 3 brand new tracks combining deep, classic and modern house sound. Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl House, Disco
Sascha Ciminiera - Lights - FJ010 Lights
Sascha Ciminiera
Warm clashing Electro Synth House banger. Recommended! Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl House, Electronic, Disco
Rhythm 4 Tha Dancefloor EP Rhythm 4 Tha Dancefloor EP
Dj Lil 'tal
No one else but one of Chicago’s finest DJ Lil ‘Tal is responsible for the ninth Footjob release. The underground veteran has brought himself to... Footjob
DE 12" Vinyl House
The Ascension Of Mind The Ascension Of Mind
Lewis Fautzi
It s time for Lewis Fautzi to introduce his first album on Pole Group, a collection of ten tracks of cosmic techno, carefully crafted making a... PoleGroup
EU 12" Vinyl Techno
STL - Nonzero Sonics Nonzero Sonics
Excellent dubbed out organic experimential ambient house excursion. Tip!!! Dark Matters
EU 12" Vinyl Dub House, Electronic Dub, Dub Techno
Ability II - Pressure Pressure
Ability II
Ability II’s bleep milestone from 1990, the evergreen ‘Pressure’, gets a careful reissue. The crucial ‘Pressure Dub’ is here, alongside a new remix... Major Problems
MPR013 / CC002
UK 12" Vinyl Dub, House, Techno
cv313 - Beyond The Clouds / Beyond The Sequence [Live in Japan] Beyond The Sequence
Beyond the Clouds" was recorded from a live session near the heart of Detroit using hand crafted modular synthesizers, analog devices and custom... echospace [detroit]
US 12" Vinyl Dub Techno
Patron001 Stein Ego EP
ENNIO's debut and the start of De Sluwe Vos his imprint Patron Records. Hard hitting house tools with a pinch of New Wave. Patron
12" Vinyl Wave, House, Techno
Royal038 Losing Control
Tee Mango
4 prime house tracks on Clone Royal Oak by Mr Millionhands Black aka Tee Mango. A very versatile EP that continues the tradition of the Royal Oak... Clone Royal Oak
EU 12" Vinyl House
AAAA - Jazz D - OMD013 Jazz D
Distorted industrial like electronic, breaks and harmony. Recommended! Omnidisc
EU 12" Vinyl Techno, Electronic, Ambient
Dolly028 Caligula EP
Dolly is proud to welcome Parisian wunderkind Coni to the label. Operating on the brink of meditative house and (Detroit) techno, Nicolas Olier'... Dolly
EU 12" Vinyl House, Techno
Crystal Maze - Mind Process Controller Mind Process Controller
Crystal Maze
Brokntoys techno series eidetic continues with Crystal Maze and four tracks cutting between rolling techno, deep jacking grooves and beatless... Eidetic
UK 12" Vinyl House, Techno
Truncate - Terminal 5 Terminal 5
Having released on many labels such 50 Weapons, Mote Evolver, Droid, Modularz and of course his own Truncate imprint. Deep, raw techno that the LA... Blueprint
UK 12" Vinyl Techno
MH017 Untitled
Neo Image
And here is MH017, an Untitled EP by Neo Image. This one has been percolating for a while now in the hard drives of the Hut, with tracks seeing play... Mood Hut
UK 12" Vinyl Downbeat, Electronic, House
Blawan - Nutrition - TESC004 Nutrition
Brand new double dunter of fkcd rippers from Blawan! Ternesc
UK 2x12" Vinyl Techno
Sounds Inside A Green Spaceship Sounds Inside A Green Spaceship
Elbee Bad
Deep atmospheric House EP Housewax
DE 12" Vinyl House, Deep House