S Olbricht - Purpleblue [Lobster Theremin] Purpleblue
S Olbricht
Following 2016’s ‘For Perfect Beings’, S Olbricht, makes a welcome return to Lobster Theremin with his ‘Purpleblue’ EP, a four-track excursion that... Lobster Theremin
UK 12" Vinyl Techno, Dubtechno, Ambient
Makin' Moves - SM-006 Makin' Moves
Simon Moncler
Crunchy harmonic electro, deep detroitish techno, rhythmic ambient soundscapes to banging cut-up deep house Sound Mirror
DE 12" Vinyl House, Electro, Ambient
PADS002 It Takes Two
Number 2 from PADS is a frenzied amalgamation of sweeping sample chops, robust lo-fi tinged rhythms, shimmering pads and swirling resonant synths. PADS
UK 12" Vinyl House, Electronic, Ambient
INS000 Resistir
Belligerent Electro and techno coated with fury, descending directly from the mountains of Medellín, Colombia, by the hands of a mestizo insurgent. Insurgentes
UK 12" Vinyl Electro, Techno, Ambient
Ando Laj - COLLECTOR Collector
Ando Laj
Ando Laj’s international vinyl debut, 'COLLECTOR' presents us with a succinct selection of some of the artist’s most compelling early work... Wandering Eye
UK 12" Vinyl Ambient, Experimental, Electronic
Sone Urbia - Theros Theros
Sone Urbia
Helikon Records launch with the debut vinyl release from Greek electronic duo Sone Urbia. A collection of improvised live recordings which took place... Helikon Records
UK 12" Vinyl Industrial, Techno, Ambient
Bandura005 A
Dubbed out ambient voyage Bandura
EU 12" Vinyl Dubtechno, Ambient, Dubbed Out
Vit Fana - Irrgang - NE35 Irrgang
Vit Fana
Irrgang' is the highly anticipated debut album of Ossian Ohlsson's Vit Fana project. Representing a new generation of experimental... Northern Electronics
EU 12" Vinyl Drone, Ambient
The Cosmic Memory EP The Cosmic Memory EP
Louis Haiman
Louis Haiman returns to Indigo Aera with The Cosmic Memory EP, which features two originals as well as a remix by Berghain heavyweight Marcel... Indigo æra
EU 12" Vinyl Techno, Ambient
Breaklab - Reet Reet
Noisy & drone-ish debut 12″ by Bremen based artist Breaklab. Electronic organ dkb-44 sound studies. ZCKR Records
DE 12" Vinyl Drone, Ambient
Roman Flügel - Verschiebung Verschiebung
Roman Flügel
Excellent rhythm textures, bleepy explorative soundcapes Die Orakel
DE 12" Vinyl Experimental, Ambient, Electronic
Ghost Miners Remixes - 7777-011 Ghost Miners Remixes
Jared Wilson
Excellent excursion through deeper acid house, Detroit Techno and an Ambient jam. 7777
UK 12" Vinyl Ambient, Acid House, Detroit Techno
Occult Orientated Crime - Just a clown on crack Just a clown on crack
Occult Orientated Crime
New Dekmantel release that features Danny Wolfers a.k.a. Legowelt's ambient project Occult Orientated Crime Dekmantel
EU 12" Vinyl Ambient, Electronic
SALP004 Self Mythology
The third entry in Lucy’s trio of adventurous full-lengths is visually introduced by artwork of a pearl-bearing shell, designed by Stroboscopic... Stroboscopic Artefacts
EU 12" Vinyl Techno, Ambient