Pneumatics Pneumatics
Orson Wells
Orson Wells’s new album gets to the point of the post-retro futuristic state of the dancefloors of the house and techno clubs of this planet. It is... Live at Robert Johnson
Playrjc 047
DE 2x12" Vinyl House, Electronic
Annawooh - Organismic Moment - STO003 Organismic Moment
!!! PRE-SALE !!! An organismic moment denotes a state of unity with nature. It’s a state of fulfillment, even euphory, but it never lasts for very... Stoscha
EU LP 12" Vinyl Electronic, Electro Pop, Experimental
Comboios - ASC003 Comboios
Spaced out Bass, Drums and Electronic Rhythm and House. Limited to 250 copies Ascender
UK 7" Bass, Electronic, House
Atmosphere - ACR002 Atmosphere
Natan H
Hypnotic and atmospheric dark Ambient Electronic/Techno bouncer w/ Chicago leaning Conforce remix. Highly recommended! Acid Camp
US 12" Vinyl House, Electronic, Techno
London Modular Alliance - Home Grown Ep Home Grown Ep
London Modular Alliance
Hailing from London, London Modular Alliance are a trio of modular enthusiasts, often performing live, completely on the fly using modular synths and... Hypercolour
UK 12" Vinyl Electronic
PADS002 It Takes Two
Number 2 from PADS is a frenzied amalgamation of sweeping sample chops, robust lo-fi tinged rhythms, shimmering pads and swirling resonant synths. PADS
UK 12" Vinyl House, Electronic, Ambient
Ando Laj - COLLECTOR Collector
Ando Laj
Ando Laj’s international vinyl debut, 'COLLECTOR' presents us with a succinct selection of some of the artist’s most compelling early work... Wandering Eye
UK 12" Vinyl Ambient, Experimental, Electronic
CVBox & Micha Freier - UWE14 Untitled
CVBox & Micha Freier
CVBox & Micha Freier transmitting signals from an ancient underwater metropolis. Ortloff Records
DE 12" Vinyl Electronic, House
Bulletproof Holiday
The returning Lumigraph on full flex - romping across both sides with hood up techno and mesmerising, advanced electronics. Major Problems
UK 12" Vinyl Techno, Electronic
Cafe Del Marsh Cafe Del Marsh
Marshall Brill
A collection of synth-based burners, strong drum loops and danceable melodies. Italo-Trance for the whole family to enjoy. West End Communications
UK 12" Vinyl House, Acid, Electronic
London Paranoid with Mutado Pintado - Transmission 5 Transmission 5
Paranoid London, Mutado Pintado
World class acid house cuts by London Paranoid with Mutado Pintado. Must Have Weapon! Paranoid London
UK 12" Vinyl House, Acid, Electronic
Occult Orientated Crime - Just a clown on crack Just a clown on crack
Occult Orientated Crime
New Dekmantel release that features Danny Wolfers a.k.a. Legowelt's ambient project Occult Orientated Crime Dekmantel
EU 12" Vinyl Ambient, Electronic
CM19 CM19
Dj Harlow
London or L.A.? We are guessing UK from the amusing Motorway reference Anyway, we've not entirely worked it out yet. Two clear cut floor... Not on Label
EU 12" Vinyl Techno, Electronic