Extracts Vol.1 Extracts Vol.1
Various Artists
Lanthan.Audios 10th release extracts and converts to a piece of music where label-known souls join together to celebrate the jubilee in a reasonable... Lanthan.audio
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Motionen - Balance Theory - LNTHN009 Balance Theory
Hypnotic spherical and dubby driven Techno EP w/ Claudio PRC and C.Gerlach remixed versions Lanthan.audio
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Visions - LNTHN008 Visions
Empty Vision
Empty Vision provides the next pillar to the structure of Lanthan.audio and is the latest project of the italian-rooted Damiano Di Cagno. In addition... Lanthan.audio
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
LNTHN007 Human Moments in WWIII
Jeff Derringer
Reduced pulsatile uplifting deep Techno EP w/ remixed version by Shifted and Giorgio Gigli Lanthan.audio
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Abstract Division - Corrosive Mind Corrosive Mind
Abstract Division
Lanthan.audio, the German label founded by Christian Gerlach, now presents its sixth release from 'Abstract Division'. The Netherland-based... Lanthan.audio
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
Urbano - 23 - LNTHN004 23
Pulsating Ambient Techno/Electronic double 12" longplayer. Lanthan.audio
DE 2x12" Vinyl Techno, Ambient Techno