DE-204 Over and Over
Fantasy Life
Fantasy Life was a one-off Italo disco studio project that consisted of various producers, songwriters, and vocalists from Turin, Italy. The line-up... Dark Entries
US 12" Vinyl Electronic, Wave
DE-202 Body Heat
Fockewulf 190
Fockewulf 190 was a New Wave group from Milan formed in 1980 by Vittorio Barozzi aka Victor Life and Dario Dell'Aere. In 1979 the duo met... Dark Entries
US 12" Vinyl Electronic, Wave
Jamal Moss Pres Vivian Garcia Luna
Jamal Moss pres. Vivian Garcia
This high quality project features music from Cuban American performer & guitarist VIVIAN GARCIA reworked by MATHEMATICS' DEVIERE. Presented... Mathematics
MATH 101
US 12" Vinyl Detroit House, House
Pathway FM001 Pathway
Eric Maltz
Outstanding expertly done deep and psychedelic House cuts (dwld code incl.). Recommended Weapon! Flower Myth
US 12" Vinyl Deep House, Experimental, House
401002 401002
Another raw DJ tool electronic jam's by Frankfurt based mysterious project called 4010. Handstamped white label vinyl only release. 4010
DE 12" Vinyl Techno, Dub Techno
SS071 Preacher’s Coming / Gullah Geechee
Theo Parrish
A1 Preacher’s Coming Written and Produced by Theo Parrish B1 Gullah Geechee B2 Gullah Geechee (Original) Gullah Geechee Personnel: Jovia Armstrong,... Sound Signature
US 12" Vinyl Detroit House, House
LOP03 Nrol 39
051 Destroyer
051 Destroyer at the helm of the third mission: Nrol 39 Lunar Orbiter Program
UK 12" Vinyl Electro
EST.83-08 Always Late
Stallone The Reducer
Stallone The Reducer is back. Stallone takes you on a one way trip that will make your head rattle, clattle and clank. Indecipherable robot voices... EST.83'
US 12" Vinyl Bass, Electro, Industrial
ELECTRIX011 Apocalypse In Paradise
M-Twelve is a new collaboration between Tortured and Electrix label owner, Billy Nasty and Nick Dunton of Surface Records, 65D Mavericks fame and... Electrix
UK 12" Vinyl Bass, Electro, Techno
AOS070 Your Socially Awkward Criminal
Omar S
Smoothly produced in a well known Omar S way. FXHE
US 12" Vinyl Detroit House, House
HBE007 - Winds Of Corruption Winds Of Corruption
Corporation Mindfuck
Deep and dubbed out atmospheric electronic and ambient excursion. Highly recommended! Hard Beach Entertainment
UK 12" Vinyl Bass, Electro, Ambient
Fortyfive Ways Fortyfive Ways
STL, Lawrence, Christopher Rau, Tilman T
2018 REPRESS! Recommended Elbe Deep House collection in a white double holed sleeve Smallville
DE 12" Vinyl Deep House, House
Submerged Submerged
Steve O'sullivan & Mike Schommer
Trippin dubbed out minimal deep ambient dub techno ep Mosaic
UK 12" Vinyl Ambient Techno, Techno, Dub Techno
Tuff City Kids “Remixes Vol. 2 - Marcel Dettmann/roman F” | “+unreleased Bonus Track” Remixes Vol. 2
Tuff City Kids
Calling in the favors: Marcel Dettmann, Roman Flügel and Scuba under his SCB Inversion disguise, take apart songs and tracks from Tuff City Kids’... Permanent Vacation
DE 12" Vinyl Industrial, House, Techno
LFRMX006 Lf Rmx 006
Alex Danilov, Developer
Len Faki isn’t showing any signs of slowing things down over on his special edits-platform, already lining up the second round of 2018 and thus... LF RMX
DE 12" Vinyl Techno
AYM 011 Rituals EP
Night Talk
Night Talk is back with his first Vinyl release on his AYM label. Three original tracks in a deep earthy house style combining organic world music... AYM
AYM 011
12" Vinyl Tech House, House, Techno
Carry This Blood Carry This Blood
Argentinian duo YYYY return for their second full length EP on the label to celebrate this benchmark. The YYYY modus operandi is already familiar to... Weekend Circuit
UK 12" Vinyl Techno
Mule Musiq 222 The Taurus EP
Glen Astro
Raw, soulful and agitating: glenn astro, the humble house sorcerer from berlin, produced four tunes and a sweet interlude for mule musiq that point... Mule Musiq
Mule Musiq 222
DE 12" Vinyl Deep House, House
The Mindf*ck EP - HBE006 The Mindfuck EP
Corporation Mindfuck
Superb sonic 80's leaning Electro weapon. Highly recommended! Hard Beach Entertainment
UK 12" Vinyl Electro, Techno
Metal Surface Repair Metal Surface Repair
S & M Trading Co.
FIT Siegel and DJ Sotofett join together on their first 12" collaboration as S & M Trading Co. - a voyage many years in the making. Fit Sound
US 12" Vinyl Detroit House, House